our story

We are sisters who grew up in a kitchen, surrounded by women who loved and comforted and nourished others though food.  When our daughter/niece (Lily) was diagnosed with multiple life-threatening food allergies 2 months before her first birthday our world was turned upside down as we tried to process the fact that the traditional foods we grew-up enjoying could fatally harm her.  Lily’s first birthday “cake” was pureed mango, and although delicious, we vowed that by birthday number two she would eat cake.  And it wouldn’t be a “good enough” cake for a girl who “didn’t know any better.”  It would be delicious and aesthetically beautiful,  and it would be a cake that everyone wanted, allergies or not.  Our kitchens became science labs as we painstakingly tested ingredients to substitute traditional binders and leaveners, and sometimes it felt as though we threw out more than we kept.  But by Lily’s second birthday, she had cake!  And watching her sneak her little fingers into the cake any chance she had sparked a desire to serve other children and adults with allergies and food intolerances.