Are you gluten free certified?

We are researching the process of certification, however the flours we use in our baking are processed in dedicated gluten-free facilities.  Our kitchen is also a dedicated gluten-free facility.  Nothing that we prepare in our kitchen contains gluten.  


Do you use xantham gum or egg replacer in your products?

No. We prefer more natural binders and leaveners. 

Why must you ship frozen?

By omitting the traditional baking ingredients (eggs, milk, wheat, etc.) our baking is a different type of baking.   We also use more natural ingredients (less preservatives and no GMOs), therefore our products do not last as long.  We want to optimize the taste and appearance of our baked goods. Our desire is to give you a first-class experience and that can best be done by shipping the products frozen.  



Do you use corn and coconut in your products? 

We use organic corn syrup in some of our products.  We also use coconut milk and coconut oil.